Procedures to Prevent the Acceptance of Contaminated Used Motor Oil from the Public

Certified center employees should do the following before accepting used oil from the public:

  • Ask the customer if anything has been added to the used oil, such as gasoline, solvents, antifreeze, paint, or other household products. If the customer says they have added a contaminant, do not accept it.
  • Examine the used oil to see if it has signs of layering, dirt or debris floating in it, or has an unusual color or odor. If the used oil appears contaminated, do not accept it.

Certified center employees must give any customer with contaminated used oil the location of the nearest facility that accepts contaminated used oil or a telephone number of a local government agency that can help them dispose of it properly. (See the list of contacts for this purpose.)

Certified center operators should post signs to remind both employees and customers not to mix anything with used oil or pour contaminated used oil into storage tanks.

For more information contact: Certified Collection Center, or Household Hazardous Waste,