Technical Assistance and Training

CalRecycle provides RAC engineering and technical assistance to its RAC grantees and local jurisdictions through a contract with Jacobs Engineering. This assistance provides education and training on RAC usage, design, specification, construction, inspection and technical assistance for agencies throughout California.

The overall objective of this effort is to increase the technical knowledge base of RAC to ensure successful projects and thereby increase use of RAC by local agencies. CalRecycle also supports local agencies by providing construction management oversight on RAC grant projects. Additionally, CalRecycle is developing a Co-operative Purchase Program for local agencies to counteract the cost and material availability issues faced by agencies with small quantity projects.

The training program is accomplished in several different ways including: one-on-one training sessions for agencies; group and regional training workshops; Webinars; and presentations at industry seminars and conferences.

Training Modules

The in-depth information modules described below provide an overview of rubberized asphalt application and usage, design and specifications, production and construction guides, and RAC inspection.

RAC-101: Basic Introduction to RAC Usage

This module provides basic information on RAC composition and production processes, history, application and usage. It is an introduction to guidelines, benefits, and implementation procedures.
Download RAC 101

RAC-102: Application and Usage

This module describes the different RAC applications and usage for the various production processes. Contains info on Caltrans RAC Type G (Gap graded) and Type O (Open grades), as well as RAC Spray Applications and Interlayer systems. Essentially what to use, when to use, and the correct rehabilitation and maintenance applications.
Download RAC 102

RAC-103: Design and Specification Guide

This module presents the concepts and criteria involved with structural and volumetric mix design for RAC. Details common factors, and identifies the primary differences between RAC and conventional asphalt concrete materials. Essentially what to place and how to spec the product.
Download RAC 103

RAC-104: Production and Construction Guide

This module describes the insight into RAC production and construction, from blending and mixing, to compaction and opening to traffic. Provides for information on sampling and testing requirements, troubleshooting, safety, and emissions and environmental factors involved in RAC production and construction.
Download RAC 104

RAC-105: Inspection Guide

Quality construction can only be obtained through quality inspection. This module provides useful guidelines for RAC inspection at the plant, as well as at the job site. Contains a useful troubleshooting guide with key inspection elements and check lists.
Download RAC 105

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