Project History: Waste Tire Manifest Program

This page provides an archive of updates provided during development of the system.

Implementation (2003) and Revisions (2005)

The waste manifest system was implemented in July 2003. In 2005, the Comprehensive Trip Log (CTL) form (CIWMB 203) replaced the California Uniform Waste and Used Tire Manifest and the California Uniform Waste and Used Tire Trip Log. Additional information is available on the revision process that resulted in the use of the CTL form.

As of September 5, 2002

Draft Forms Revised: The draft manifest and trip log forms have been renamed to the California Uniform Waste and Used Tire Manifest and the California Uniform Waste and Used Tire Trip Log. The corresponding English and Spanish Manifest Instructions and Trip Log Instructions are available. The forms also reflect changes based on review by the CIWMB Legal and program staff.

Presentation from August 20, 2002 Board Meeting: The Information Management Branch gave a presentation to the Board members on the history, development, and current status of the Waste Tire Manifest System.

ListServ Now Available: Subscribers receive information periodically about the CIWMB Waste Tire Manifest Program. This ListServ is of interest to used/waste tire generators, end-use facilities, haulers, and other interested parties who wish to receive information about the Waste Tire Manifest Program. To subscribe, go to Waste Tire Listserv.

Electronic Data Transfer (EDT): SB 876 allows an “electronic report” to be submitted in lieu of the manifest, if approved by the Board. The CIWMB is currently examining options for haulers to submit data electronically. Haulers who are interested in participating in EDT will need to meet certain technical requirements, obtain written certification from applicable generators and end-use facilities in order to submit data on their behalf, and obtain CIWMB approval. The CIWMB is in the process of developing more detailed processes and requirements and will provide additional  information as it becomes available.

Application Analysis and Design: Computer systems analysis and design discussions are underway. Systems requirements are being developed for paper forms as well as the future option for incorporating electronically submitted data.

Form Preprinting Demonstration Software: Several haulers provided feedback at the public workshops suggesting that completing repetitive information (i.e. business name, address, phone, etc.) on the new manifest and trip log forms related to tire loads would be cumbersome, time consuming, and costly to complete. In response, the CIWMB is developing demonstration software to offer a viable, inexpensive, and customizable solution to print both hauler and client name and address (contact) information on Board distributed continuous tractor fed manifest and trip log forms. 

This demonstration software will be developed using Microsoft Access and provide an interface to edit and print manifest information.  This project will be made available “as is” and open source to all interested registered haulers, with installation instructions and online help for the tool. Businesses may further customize the demonstration Microsoft Access application to meet individual business needs. It is not the intent of the Board to provide any technical or ongoing support. This demonstration software is expected to rollout with the initial manifest and trip log forms during the first quarter of 2003.

Public Manifest Training: Plans are underway to provide manifest training for haulers, generators, end-use facilities, and other individuals/businesses impacted by the new manifest requirements. Training will be provided prior to and during the initial manifest and trip log form rollout. Workshops will be held in Northern, Central, and Southern California. There will also be opportunities for individual corporate training. In all cases, training materials will be provided (user manual, field reference cards, etc.).

Form Development

From March 9 through March 22 several clients consisting of generators, haulers and end use facilities agreed to test the first draft of the manifest and trip log forms. Based on feedback from the workshops and these clients several form changes have been implemented. The biggest form change is the removal of the fill-in bubbles and revision of the confidentiality statement. The new draft forms are easier to use and much cleaner in design. Form instructions will be included on the back of the forms in English and Spanish.

The initial rollout of the forms is anticipated the first quarter of 2003. The Board anticipates the manifest and trip log forms to be printed (pending the State budget) by November 2002. Manifests and trip log forms will be available in bulk orders of single three-part forms in addition to continuous tractor fed format.  Forms in single form format will be preaddressed and postage paid. However, companies that prefer using  forms in continuous-tractor fed format (for preprinting forms) will be responsible for addressing, postage, and mailing the forms to the Board.

Tire Program ID (March 2002)

Based on feedback and concern voiced during the fall workshops the “Tax Payer ID” is no longer used on the Used/Waste Tire Manifest form. In its place the Integrated Waste Management Board will be issuing a unique identification number to all participants of the used/waste tire manifest program. The Tire Program ID will be assigned prior to the implementation of the new manifest forms. More information on how to obtain the identification number will be coming soon.

Public Workshops (November 2001)

The CIWMB conducted public workshops on November 6 and 8, 2001 for discussion and comment on the proposed Uniform Waste Tire Manifest System as set forth in Chapter 838. A summary of comments received from industry contacts is now available for review.

For more information contact: Tire Management Program Hotline,