Energy Recovery From Tires Grant

The Energy Recovery From Tires grants targeted facilities with coal-fired combustion systems who need assistance to incorporate or expand the use of tires as a fuel supplement. Up to $250,000 for each project was available on a competitive basis to entities located in California that operated coal-fired combustion systems.

For fiscal year (FY) 2002/2003, $1 million was allocated for this program. The projects, after successful implementation, should annually consume a minimum of 250,000 passenger tire equivalents (PTE) for facilities that currently do not or have not used tire-derived fuel (TDF) and incrementally increase use by a minimum of 50,000 PTE for facilities that currently use or have previously used TDF.

The application period for the last (2002-03) grant cycle is now closed.

Applied Research Focus for Program and Peer Review Requirement
The objective of this grant program was to conduct research into in-field application of tire-fuel supplements to meet or improve operational and environmental standards at the respective facilities. All grant awardees were required to prepare a report summarizing the findings of their research. This report was subject to a third-party peer review at the conclusion of the project as directed by the Board.

Past Cycles

For information about past grant winners, see CalRecycle’s grants database.

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