Preinspection Review of CalRecycle Records

As part of the background check before conducting an inspection, you should review CalRecycle records for the business you will be inspecting.

Using the following resources, look up the business by name or location, and review the appropriate records as noted below.

  • Solid Waste Information System (SWIS). SWIS provides data about the status of facilities/sites, whether permitted/unpermitted, excluded, or exempted. You may also use SWIS to review permits and past compliance history for facilities/sites.
  • Waste Tire Management System (WTMS). WTMS allows you to search for a business and find their Tire Program ID (TPID) and address.
  • WTMS Hauler Registration Information. This allows you to obtain hauler registration information. You may also obtain information via our toll-free tire hotline at (866) 896-0600.
  • CalRecycle Contacts. To obtain a copy of the latest permit or hauler registration information, you must call or email the appropriate CalRecycle contact.

If the location that is being inspected is a permitted facility or a registered hauler, review the permit and/or hauler registration.

If the location that is being inspected is exempted, review the exemption.

For more information contact: Tire Enforcement,