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The Fallbrook Recycling and Transfer Station is located at 550 West Aviation Road in the unincorporated area of San Diego County known as Fallbrook. The current general plan designation is limited industrial and zoning (M52). The site comprises 4.41 acres and the assessor’s parcel number (APN) for the site is 104-100-12, 67 and 104-161-02.

The proposed project is for a major use permit modification to allow a change in conditions C.9 and C.11 of the existing major use permit. Conditions C.9 and C.11 currently limit the number of vehicular trips to and from the site and the amount of refuse processed at the facility. The operator would like to modify the language to allow additional vehicular trips and refuse and to allow public disposal in outside bunkered storage areas.

The facility shall be operated so that noise levels do not exceed county standards at the project boundary as defined on the plot plan. The facility shall be operated so that litter resulting from the operation is not a nuisance to the surrounding industrial area and neighborhood. All trucks traveling to or from the facility will have the cargo areas covered to prevent nuisances from litter. The facility shall be operated so that no dust or odor is a nuisance beyond the property boundary.

All refuse shall be removed from the facility within 48 hours of its arrival at the facility. The average daily trips shall be limited to 158 average daily trips for collection and transfer trucks and 250 average daily trips for self-haul vehicles. A maximum passenger car equivalence count of 783 shall be allowed. Peak tonnage of waste received will be increased to 500 tons per day.

Self-haul vehicles will off-load waste, inert material and green waste outside the transfer station building in an area consisting of six bunkers. Self-haulers will off-load all putrescible waste inside the transfer station building. Source separated green waste will be off-loaded in outside bunkered storage area and then trans-loaded into transfer trucks for re-use.

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