Initial Study Not Required

There are several reasons why an initial study may not be required.

Statutory Exemptions

Statutory exemptions are those granted by the Legislature. The exemptions may be complete exemptions, partial exemptions or apply only to the timing of CEQA compliance. These types of exemptions can be found in 14 CCR Section 15260 et seq.

Categorical Exemptions

Categorical exemptions are a class of projects that have been determined by the Secretary for Resources not to have a significant effect on the environment. These types of exemptions can be found in 14 CCR Section 15300 et seq.

Mandated EIRs

The State Legislature determined that certain types of projects should always require an EIR. These projects do not require an initial study because an EIR shall be prepared. A list of these types of projects can be found in 14 CCR Section 15081.5.

Predetermined EIRs

If the lead agency can determine that an EIR will clearly be required for the project, an Initial Study is not required but may be desirable.


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