Elements of Initial Study

Submission of data

Any person may submit any information in any form to assist a lead agency in preparing an initial study.


Sample forms for an applicant’s project description and a review form for use by the lead agency can be found in Appendices G and H of the CEQA Guidelines. These forms are only suggested, and public agencies are free to develop their own format.


The lead agency shall consult informally with all responsible agencies and all trustee agencies to obtain their recommendations as to whether to prepare an EIR or ND. During or immediately after the preparation of an initial study for a private project, the lead agency may consult with the applicant to determine if the applicant is willing to modify the project to reduce or avoid the significant effects identified in the initial study.

Time limits

A decision to prepare an EIR or a ND must be made within 30 days from acceptance of a complete application.


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