Required Contents of an Initial Study

Description of the Project

  • Clearly communicate the entirety of the project.
  • Identify the project location.

Environmental Setting

  • Describe the surrounding land use.
  • Discuss landforms, natural, cultural, and archeological resources.

Identify Potential Environmental Effects

  • The format is flexible; it can be in the form of a matrix, initial study, initial study checklist or other method.
  • The lead agency should rely upon input from responsible agenciestrustee agencies, technical experts and consultants.
  • Potential environmental effects should consider substantial evidence in light of the whole record.
  • Analysis should use the “fair argument” standard.
  • Existing regulatory controls can be used to demonstrate avoidance of adverse effects.

Mitigation Measures

Discuss the mitigation measures proposed to avoid or reduce adverse effects to less than significant.

Consistency with Land Use Controls

Examine if the project would be consistent with existing zoning, planning documents and any other land use controls.

Identify the Initial Study Preparers

The name of the person or persons who prepared or participated in the preparation of the initial study.


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