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I am getting a "No Inspections Found" response after I submitted an inspection. Where did it go?

There is a difference between SWIS DIP and SWIS. SWIS DIP replaces the physical process of “mailing in” your inspection; Viewing the reports in the database (SWIS) remains the same. The SWIS DIP system only contains reports that have been submitted but not yet approved by CalRecycle staff. Once your report has been approved, it moves to the SWIS database just like it did when you mailed it in. The report you’re looking for has already been approved and is in the SWIS database. You’ll find a link to the SWIS Database on the SWIS Home Page on the left navigation bar. Once there, click the SWIS Facility Database link.

My saved draft disappeared. Where is it?

  1. Drafts can only be saved for 45 days. If the reports were left in draft for 45 days or longer, the system may have deleted them. Be sure to “Submit To CalRecycle” before 45 days have passed.
  2. The program is still in development. Occasionally, a user may “time out” while inputting information and the system does not save automatically. To avoid losing drafts, save periodically while entering your information.

Is there a spell check function?

Currently, there is no spell check function. A suggested method of working around this is to type your comments in Word (since it has spell check capability) and then copy and paste into the comment area. We are exploring the possibility of adding spell check.

Can I print a copy of the “final” inspection report before submitting it to CalRecycle?

Yes. Click on the “View Report” button and print the PDF. Or, email a copy to your inspection by pressing the “Email Inspection Report” link next to the “View Report” button. You will receive a PDF version of the inspection in your email inbox. This can be done while in “Draft” or “Submit to CalRecycle” status.

I can’t view my attachments in my saved drafts.

To view attachments in reports that have been saved as “Draft,” click the “Edit” button. Then, click to open attachments. Click the “Cancel” or “Save” button when finished viewing the attachment.

I forgot my Password. What should I do?

Visit the CalRecycle WebPass Home Page. You may try to recover your WebPass by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link.


What is it?

The Solid Waste Information System Digital Inspections Program (SWIS DIP) allows local enforcement agencies to electronically transmit statutorily mandated solid waste facility inspection reports.

How do I sign up for SWIS DIP?

Print the data exchange agreements found on the SWIS DIP home page, fill mail it to Melissa Parker. Include the name and email addresses of all inspectors from your agency that will use SWIS DIP to submit reports.

We’ve mailed our agreement. When can we begin submitting reports electronically?

You will receive an email within 10 business days after submitting your agreement. If, after 10 business days you haven’t received an email authorizing you to begin using the program, contact Melissa Parker.

How do we add/delete representatives from our SWIS DIP agreement?

To add or delete representatives from your agreement, email Melissa Parker. Multiple users may be included on your initial agreement form.

How can I begin submitting official reports?

Log in on the SWIS DIP website. You may bookmark the website or the sign-in page.

Working in SWIS Online

When do we submit digital forms?

The rules and timelines for submitting forms haven’t changed. Follow your standard business practice for submitting forms. As with paper forms, inspection reports must be submitted within 30 days of inspection.

How do I submit inspector and owner/operator signatures to CalRecycle?

LEAs participating in the electronic filing program do not need to submit digital signatures or electronic replicas of signatures either from inspectors or owner/operators. The names of owners/operators and inspectors that are entered on the form are sufficient.

How can I find inspection reports that I’ve already entered into the program?

There is a “Search Inspections” button on the left menu to locate “Draft” or “Submit to CalRecycle” status reports. Reports may be accessed by SWIS number. Once reports have been approved by CalRecycle staff, they may be found in the SWIS facility database.

How can I change information on an inspection I’ve already submitted?

If your inspection is saved in “Draft” status, you may find \the report in “Search Inspections” on the left menu. When located, click “Edit” on top left of report, and change information. If your inspection is “Submit to CalRecycle” status, contact Permit point of contact to have the document returned to “Draft” status. Please include: the SWIS #, name of LF and date submitted.

How can my supervisor review my inspection report before it is officially submitted to CalRecycle?

Once information has been entered, if supervisor approval is needed or changes might need to be made, save the report as “Draft” status. Anyone with access may click on the “Search Inspections” button to review the draft, and edit the report. When the report is cleared within the LEA and ready for submittal to the CalRecycle, change the report status to “Submit to CalRecycle.” Initially saving as “Draft” allows reports to be composed over a period of time, or allows multiple levels of review within the LEA if necessary.

How can I email a draft or final version of my inspection report?

Find the “Email Inspection Report” link at the top of your saved inspection report. You may email a copy of the report to multiple parties by separating addresses with a semi-colon.

How can I keep an original copy for my records?

LEAs are required to keep an original copy of the inspection report. You may email yourself a PDF copy of the report to print or save. First, save your report, and then pull it back up through the “Search Inspections” menu. Click “View Report,” then “Email Inspection” at the top of the report. You may enter multiple emails by separating addresses with a semi-colon.

Where can I find guidance for completing a digital inspection report?

Please refer to Guidance: Completion of Solid Waste Information System Digital Inspection Reports.

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