Trustees Using CalRecycle Trust Agreement for Closure and/or Postclosure Costs of Landfills and/or Major Waste Tire Facilities

This list does not constitute an endorsement of these firms in any way.

Bank of California
San Francisco
Virginia Ferstler
(415) 296-6662

Citicorp, N.A.
Connie Hillyer, Trust Officer
(415) 627-6346

First Trust of California, N.A.
Francene Rockett
(415) 273-4519

Imperial Trust Company
David Jesseck
(213) 580-1583

The Mechanics Bank
Richmond, CA
(510) 262-7305

Northern Trust Bank of California, N.A.
Virginia Sogomonian or Bob Wold
(213) 346-1300

Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
820 State St.
Santa Barbara, CA
Warren Bitters
(805) 564-6200

Union Safe Deposit Bank
Beverly Klunk
(209) 946-5036

For more information contact: Solid Waste Facilities,