State Agency and Large State Facility Waste Diversion and Recycling Grant Program

At its January 2001 meeting, the California Integrated Waste Management Board (now CalRecycle) approved the award of $555,000 to the 25 applicants with passing scores. A Board press release lists the grant winners and how the monies will be used. At the current time CalRecycle does not anticipate additional grant cycles.

This program provided for grant awards up to $25,000 per State agency or large State facility for the following purposes:

  • Help implement integrated waste management plans.
  • Purchase equipment to help divert waste.
  • Purchase recycling containers.
  • Purchase equipment to process recyclables.
  • Develop educational programs to raise awareness of agency waste diversion programs.
  • Develop cooperative programs between State and local government.

notice of funds available (NOFA) was sent to more than 400 State agencies and large State facilities and posted on this site. Questions and answers about the application were also posted.A total of 58 applications were received by the August 11, 2000 due date, totaling $1,793,460.38.Of the 58 applicants, 25 received passing scores from the three review panels.

For more information contact: Recycling Coordinator,, or Buy Recycled Campaign,