Get Started Today!

Starting a new recycling program can be challenging, but the following suggestions can help you get started in small ways today!


    • Make two-sided photocopies, rather than single-sided, when feasible.
    • Use the back side of waste paper for scratch paper.
    • Use white paper instead of colored paper because it is easier to recycle.
    • Use wall bulletin boards, computer bulletin boards, or route memos instead of duplicating copies for everyone.
    • Promote the use of glass or ceramic mugs instead of disposable cups.
    • Remove your name from junk mail lists.
    • Reduce duplicate magazine subscriptions.
    • Avoid using disposable office supplies.


    • Obsolete equipment in one department may be useful in another.  Before disposing of equipment, send a completed Property Survey Report, STD 152, to the Department of General Services, Property Reutilization Unit.  In most cases even if the item is not used by an agency it will enter into the public recycling sector.


    • Several recycling contracts are available for use by State agencies. Check them out to see what is available to make startup at your facility fast and simple. If your State Agency cannot utilize those contracts due to location or other issues, please see Contracts for Recycling Services in Office Buildings which has tips for writing recycling service contracts as well as Examples of State Agency Recycling Contracts.

If you have questions, you may look up the CalRecycle Local Assistance and Market Development contact assigned to your agency.

For more information contact: Recycling Coordinator,, or Buy Recycled Campaign,