Kroeker, Inc.

Recycling operations at Kroeker, Inc.: material separation, grinding, and crushing.

Recycling operations at Kroeker, Inc.: material separation, grinding, and crushing.

Kroeker, Inc., a family owned corporation, has been in the demolition business for more than 20 years and routinely recycles more than 85 percent of the resultant materials. The company has steadily developed its on-site recycling operations: it crushes concrete and asphalt, uses one of the largest wood grinders available on the market, and runs a “picking station,” where workers perform the final separation of the Construction & Demolition (C&D) recyclables.

Much of the demolition materials Kroeker, Inc. processes are used as feedstock for new products, which made the Company eligible to receive almost $1.6 million in loans from CalRecycle’s Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) Program. Kroeker, Inc. diverts approximately 49,434 tons of demolition material from the landfill each year through its C&D recycling operations.

The RMDZ Program encourages California businesses to find innovative ways of using recycled materials to make new products—thereby diverting those materials from landfills—by offering business financial services to companies located in areas of the state designated by CalRecycle as Recycling Zones.

Although diverting C&D materials away from landfills and into new products is often more economical than disposal, California landfills are heavily impacted by C&D debris each year. According to CalRecycle’s California 2008 Statewide Waste Characterization Study, C&D materials, most of which can be reused or recycled, account for 29 percent of the waste stream.

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You can find more construction and demolition debris recycling information on CalRecycle’s website.

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