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Agri Service, Inc. Grow Your Passion
Agri Service, Inc. has operated El Corazon Compost Facility, a full service public-private partnership in Oceanside, California, since 1995. El Corazon uses organic material that would have gone to landfills to produce mulch and soil amendment products that control erosion, improve soil, and reduce fertilizer and pesticide pollution.

Taking a material that would have been landfilled and recycling it into a viable product made Agri Service eligible for a loan of $1.3 million from CalRecycle’s Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) Program.

Currently, an estimated 11 million tons of compostable organic materials are disposed in California’s landfills annually. As a result of the loan, diversion of green waste from landfills increased by 36 percent and the number of employees grew from 18 to 22.

The RMDZ Program encourages California businesses to find innovative ways of using recycled materials to make new products–thereby diverting those materials from landfills–by offering business financial services to companies located in areas of the state designated by CalRecycle as Recycling Market Development Zones.

Agri Service, Inc. has processed more than 1 million tons of green waste in the last 15 years. By establishing itself as a company motivated to meet the needs of its local and state government partners and the surrounding community, Agri Service, Inc., has flourished in an industry where getting started is extraordinarily challenging. In conjunction with local government, the company also provides community education and outreach programs.

For more information, contact the North San Diego County RMDZ.

You can find more organics recycling information and resources on CalRecycle’s website.

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