RMDZ Business Success Stories

CalRecycle is pleased to feature the success stories of businesses that use the RMDZ program. These are intended as just a sampling of the many businesses that have prospered in part from RMDZ services offered by CalRecycle. If your business is interested in being profiled on this site and you would like to learn more, please contact your zone administrator.

  • American TextileAmerican Textile & Supply, Inc./Peerless Material Company (American Textile) recycles used fabrics into a variety of products. RMDZ loan funds have helped American Textile to divert an additional 1,000 tons of textiles away from California landfills annually.
  • AgriService, IncAgri Service, Inc. has operated El Corazon Compost Facility in Oceanside since 1995. As a result of an RMDZ loan, El Corazon’s diversion of green waste from landfills increased by 36 percent and the number of employees grew from 18 to 22.
  • Kroeker, IncKroeker, Inc. has been in the demolition business for more than 20 years. RMDZ loans have helped Kroeker, Inc. to develop its recycling operations and it now recycles 95 percent of the demolition materials collected.
  • Princess Paper, Inc. Princess Paper, Inc. uses post-industrial discarded paper to make new products such as bathroom tissue and paper towels. RMDZ loans of more than $3 million help Princess Paper to recycle almost 5,000 tons of paper into new products each year.

For more information contact: Zone Assistance Regional Zone Contacts, LAMD@calrecycle.ca.gov.