Paper Prevention and Reuse

This section highlights the most critical components of any successful office paper reduction campaign: eliminating unnecessary paper use, reducing necessary paper use, and reusing paper whenever possible.

  • Business Waste Prevention Quick TipsPaper recycling symbol
  • Waste Reduction Ideas for Offices
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  • Reducing Junk Mail at Work
    Dealing with junk mail is a drain on business efficiency. This Website, hosted by the National Waste Prevention Coalition, provides businesses with several resources to help them reduce the amount of “junk mail” received at work.
  • Waste Reduction Ideas for Meetings and Conferences
    These lists of waste reduction ideas are intended to help you think of new ways to prevent waste and save money. Brainstorming with others is bound to result in more ideas!
  • Motivating Employees to Change Old Habits
    Waste reduction hinges on the participation and support of employees, managers, and customers. It involves rethinking the way we do things and changing old habits. This is not easy, but rewards abound as resources and money are saved. Here is advice from experts who have first-hand experience motivating people.
  • Encouraging Top Management to Support Waste Reduction Efforts
    Every day more companies are taking steps to save money and our natural resources through waste reduction efforts. Where do you begin? As a first step, you will need to gain the support of top management. Every organization is a bit different so you will need to modify these ideas to make them work for you.

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