Delta Landscape Management Outreach Campaign

In June 2000 the CIWMB (now known as the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, or CalRecycle) initiated a partnership contract with San Joaquin County to conduct an 18-month Landscape Management Outreach Program with participating local jurisdictions, public agencies, and private sector partners in San Joaquin County.

The program enabled the Delta Landscape Outreach Coordinating Committee to plan, sponsor, organize, and conduct a series of outreach actions directed at selected segments of the professional landscape industry and their clients. Outreach activities promoted the use of resource efficient and environmentally beneficial landscape management practices.

This outreach program sought to reduce green waste generation and disposal in local landfills, assist local jurisdictions in their efforts to comply with mandated diversion requirements, and promoted the use of recycled organic products in urban landscapes. CalRecycle funding for the program included $45,000 plus required matching funds from participating local jurisdictions.

Program Objectives

  • Disseminate information on the use of landscape management practices that will reduce, reuse, or recycle landscape trimmings in urban landscapes.
  • Provide green materials management policies that public agencies can use to promote the use of disposal alternatives and diversion options.
  • Demonstrate and assist in the development of water/waste efficient landscapes that use recycled content products, including organics.

Partnership Organizations

  • Manager and Fiscal Agent: San Joaquin County, Dept. of Public Works.
  • Program Director: Alison Hudson, Solid Waste Division, San Joaquin County Dept. of Public Works.
  • Participating Local Jurisdiction Partners: Escalon, Lathrop, Lodi, Manteca, Ripon, Stockton, Tracy, and San Joaquin County.
  • Other Partners: U.C. Cooperative Extension, CA Dept. of General Services, and the San Joaquin County Storm Water Management Program.
  • Private Industry Cooperators: Odyssey Landscape, Ireland Landscape and Maintenance, Valley Landscaping, Continental Landscaping Inc., Deshields Landscape Management Co., and ABC Gardening and Maintenance.

Program Components

  1. Organize Committee, Industry Directory, and Develop Action Plan. The partnership manager will organize Delta Landscape Outreach Coordinating Committee, compile a landscape industry directory for San Joaquin County, and assist the Committee in developing an action plan which outlines outreach activities and actions, timelines, and budgets that will achieve program objectives.
  2. Develop and Disseminate Promotional Materials. The Committee will develop and disseminate outreach materials to communicate program objectives and encourage members of targeted audiences to attend scheduled outreach activities and events.
  3. Prepare and Distribute Technical Educational Materials. The Committee will prepare appropriate guidance and support materials for use by both participants and presenters at program outreach activities and events. These materials will provide practical educational information to support program topics and objectives.
  4. Conduct Baseline and Follow-Up Landscape Industry Surveys and Site Audits. Surveys will be conducted of members of targeted professional landscape industry groups in San Joaquin County as well as participants at program outreach activities and events. Also, landscape site profiles will be developed for selected sites. These profiles will outline, recommend, and track changes in landscape management and green waste handling practices to reduce, reuse and recycle organic materials on site.
  5. Compile Report and Publish Results. A final report will be prepared and distributed at the end of the program in December 2001. This report will recap results from surveys and site audits; outline and evaluate the effectiveness of all actions and outreach activities undertaken to achieve program objectives; and make recommendations regarding future landscape outreach programs in San Joaquin County.

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