Purchasing/End Use Guideline Development

Landlab–California Polytechnic University, Pomona

In June 1998, the CIWMB (now known as the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, or CalRecycle) partnered with LandLab Office at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona to develop informational and educational materials regarding purchasing specifications and application guidelines for urban-derived compost, mulch and organic soil amendments for use on California landscapes. Limited availability of reliable and locally accessible information on purchasing and end use guidelines was a barrier to CalRecycle’s goal of expanding usage of urban-derived organic materials. CalRecycle awarded a contract of $20,000 to LandLab to address this issue. The team assembled by LandLab to work on this project included Edwin A. Barnes III, principal investigator, Dr. Barclay Hudson, project coordinator and Helen Hess, research associate. All contract work on this project was completed in early August 1999.

Project Objectives

  • Compile and summarize information on organic product specifications and compost/mulch use guidelines currently used by public agencies or the landscape industry on California landscape sites.
  • Draft and prepare informational materials and fact sheets on: organic product nomenclature, material selection and availability criteria, and end use application and procurement guidelines.

Project Components

  1. Assemble and Compile Existing Information
    Project team will obtain existing product specifications and end use guidelines for mulch and compost currently in use in California from public agencies and landscape industry specifiers.
  2. Summary and Synthesis of Collected Materials
    Project team will critically analyze assembled information and prepare a consolidated summary in a matrix format highlighting similarities and differences between critical elements in specifications and guidelines.
  3. Draft New Information Materials
    Project team will draft and prepare new informational materials on organic product nomenclature, material selection and availability criteria, and end use application and procurement guidelines for presentation and review by organic industry experts.
  4. Conduct Experts Workshop
    A review panel of organic industry expects will be convened to examine, critique and update draft end user guidelines and informational materials. Project team will make appropriate revisions based on comments recorded at workshop.
  5. End Users Outreach Workshop
    Instructional and educational materials will be prepared based on the experts workshop updates. An end users outreach workshop will be conducted to review prepared materials. Instructional materials will be revised based on workshop attendee input.
  6. Outreach Workshop Evaluation and Final Report
    Project team will submit a final report recapping the results of a follow-up evaluation of the effectiveness of the outreach workshop venue as an information dissemination medium for instructional materials and end use application/procurement guidelines.

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