Local Government: Food Scraps Management

As a local government representative:

  • Increase public service. By promoting benefits of giving edible food to food banks and food recovery (also known as food rescue) organizations to local businesses, you can fulfill an important role as a community facilitator.
  • Help feed hungry families. By developing and promoting food recovery programs, edible food goes to feed the hungry rather than the landfills. Many people in California live with the threat of hunger including children, families in crisis or transition, low-income senior citizens, the homeless, and, increasingly, the working poor. California food banks provide millions of meals for low-income families annually.

You can help

Promote food banking and food recovery organizations. Some examples are:

  • Identify the food-generating businesses in your area. Familiarize yourself with issues and concerns faced by these businesses, such as tax benefits.
  • Market your local food bank as part of your recycling or waste management educational campaign.
  • Identify creative ways to share food bank and food recovery information to potential donors. For example, develop an agreement with the county health inspectors. As they inspect restaurants, caterers, and cafeterias, they could hand out brochures explaining the services offered by their local food recovery organizations. This literature can also explain liability protection and potential tax benefits.
  • Invite food bank representatives to speak at government meetings.
  • Promote food recovery through community venues such as the chamber of commerce and other local community groups.
  • Identify food-generating businesses and target them for outreach.
  • Target local government buildings and schools to implement pilot food donation programs.
  • Establish a policy to encourage or require government-sponsored events or institutions (such as schools or corporate cafeterias) to donate edible food.
  • Create an awards program to recognize generous businesses that donate food.
  • Local waste management departments and food banks and food recovery organizations create excellent partners.

For more information contact: Food Scrap Management, organics@calrecycle.ca.gov