Policy Incentives

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Program CodeProgram TypeCode Descriptions
6000-PI-PLBProduct and Landfill BansLandfill Ban on Green Waste:

Manure waste ban

Product and Packaging Bans
Landfill Ban on Ash
Landfill Ban on Construction Demolition Debris
Landfill Ban on White Goods
Landfill Ban on Scrap Metals/Vehicles

Tire landfill bans


Landfill Ban on Sewage Sludge
6010-PI-EINEconomic IncentivesRecycling Market Development Zone
Tipping Fee Incentive

For haulers, commercial landscapers, etc.

Collection Rate Incentive (composting policies)
Rate Structure Modifications

Quantity based user fees

Modified disposal fees

Variable can rate

Economic Incentives

Advanced recycling fees




Business license fees

Special business license category for landscapers.


Loan guarantees


Quantity based residential collection fee

Surcharge at disposal facilities

6020-PI-ORDOrdinancesSupport State and Federal Regulatory Programs

Restaurant packing reduction

Mandatory solid waste planning and reporting requirements.

Local Government Ordinance for Recycling

Mandatory collection ordinance

Ordinance requiring source separation of C&D materials

Anti-scavenging ordinance

Zoning modification that allows location of a recycling center where one wasn't
previously allowed

Local procurement ordinance

Ordinance that requires developer/contractor to include recycling area in design of new multi-family and commercial developments

Multi-family and commercial developments

Ordinance (or point system) that requires contractors to separate their construction and/or demolition waste on site, to facilitate recycling of that waste

Building Code Changes

Source-reduction-related ordinance that requires contractors/developers to use source reduction methods in their building plans/practices, like using pre-cut or plastic lumber, or de-construction methods that recover building  materials for reuse

Local Government Ordinance
6030-PI-OTHOther Policy Incentives 

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