Countywide Integrated Waste Management Plan Adequacy

The following is a discussion of the statutory, regulatory and content adequacy requirements of a Countywide Integrated Waste Management Plan (CIWMP). This section contains what staff will focus on during the review of a CIWMP to determine and define adequacy.

In each of the following CIWMP component discussions, the focus is on specific topics to consider when determining whether or not a CIWMP is considered adequate. The specific topics in each component are significant and have been selected because those topics can provide the majority of the information necessary for staff to determine whether or not a plan or element can be deemed adequate.

Countywide Integrated Waste Management Plan

Statutes: PRC sections 41750-41770
Counties are required to prepare and submit to CalRecycle an integrated waste management plan which includes all (SRREs), all HHWEs, a CSE, all NDFEs, all applicable Regional SRREs, HHWEs, and an applicable Regional Siting Element if Regional Agencies have been formed.

The CIWMP summarizes waste management problems facing the respective counties. It also provides an overview of the actions that will be taken to achieve PRC section 41780. CIWMPs and any amendments are approved by the County and by a majority of the cities within the County. If cities fail to act upon the VIWMP or amendments within 90 days of receipt, then failure to act is deemed to have been approved as submitted. CIWMPs are required to be updated every 5 years, if necessary.

Regulations: 14 CCR sections 18757 – 18758.1
Proposed regulations have been prepared that clarify and provide guidance to counties that will be preparing their CIWMPs. These regulations specify a discussion and identification of goals, objectives, county profile, administration, current practices, summary and integration of SRREs, HHWEs and NDFEs, information on public education and financing mechanisms.

Countywide Integrated Waste Management Plan Content Adequacy

An adequate CIWMP contains a Summary Plan that includes goals and objectives, a summary of waste management issues and problems identified in the incorporated and unincorporated areas of the county, a summary of waste management programs and infrastructure, existing and proposed solid waste facilities in the SRREs, HHWEs and NDFEs, and an overview of specific steps that will be taken to achieve the goals outlined in the SRREs and HHWEs.

The discussion above has been an analysis and evaluation of content adequacy requirements of a SRRE, HHWE, NDFE, CSE and CIWMP. It focused on the portions of the elements and plans that are of the highest priority to review during a very tightly compressed timeframe when 531 individual SRREs, HHWEs, NDFEs and 57 CSEs and CIWMPs are submitted to CalRecycle. The determination of adequacy satisfies the statutory and regulatory requirements of an element and plan, as well as the intent of AB 939.

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As approved by the California Integrated Waste Management Board (now CalRecycle) on November 17, 1993.

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