Innovations and Tools to Reach 50 Percent and Beyond

In March 2000, the Board presented a videoconference to showcase innovative and successful local and regional recycling and waste reduction programs. The videoconference was viewed live at locations around the state.

The conference is over, but you can watch and listen to it as a streaming audio/video file. To do so, you need a minimum of a Pentium-based computer and a 56 KB modem. You will also need Microsoft Windows Media Player.

View the Videoconference

Conference Links & Length (min:sec). Transcripts are using Microsoft Indexer (From the top left menu choose “Timeline”, from top right menu choose “View”, and then “Accessibility” to see the transcript).

Project Overview

The videoconference highlights local government successes and model programs in reuse, recycling and composting. The programs highlighted in the conference apply to all cities, counties and regional agencies in California, as well as other states, provinces or countries.

The programs featured in the videoconference were reviewed and analyzed, and 24 studies were prepared to highlight successful model programs in reuse, recycling, composting, and other areas of waste management. These programs can be examples for other cities, counties, and regional agencies in California, as well as other states, provinces, or countries.

Topic areas include:

  • Organics reuse, recycling, and composting.
  • Construction and demolition debris recycling and “deconstruction.”
  • Reuse programs.
  • Residential and commercial recycling.
  • Market development.

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