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  • Additional Local Government Data Reports. CalRecycle provides a number of reports and information to assist local government (as well as businesses) to reduce disposal, conserve resources, and help California meet its waste reduction goals.
  • Diversion, Planning and Local Assistance Acronyms. This list of acronyms helps jurisdictions, State agencies, large State facilities and other interested parties in interpreting acronyms frequently used in CalRecycle’s work with local government.
  • Local Government Assistance Library. CalRecycle’s local government reference library has links to Board (now known as CalRecycle) policies, publications, newsletters as well as to sample/model documents submitted to CalRecycle by local jurisdictions to share information.
  • Local Government Central Index (Alphabetical)
  • Local Government Central Glossary. This glossary includes many common terms used throughout the site. Many pages link to the glossary via green links.
  • Local Assistance Staff. These CalRecycle staff help local governments meet the planning and diversion mandates of the Integrated Waste Management Act of 1989 (IWMA). Local assistance staff serve as a liaison between local governments CalRecycle, and its program areas.
  • Publications Catalog. A complete online listing of CalRecycle publications, most available electronically. Local Assistance is one category in this catalog.
  • Resources. This page provides links to other collections of resources that might be helpful to local jurisdictions.

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