Construction and Demolition (C&D) Forum: Closing the Loop on C&D Materials

On May 31, 2006, the California Integrated Waste Management Board (now known as CalRecyle) hosted a forum on issues surrounding the procurement, reuse, and marketability of construction and demolition (C&D) waste, as well as the infrastructure for its diversion.

The purpose of this forum was to share information on C&D diversion as it relates to creating infrastructure and markets for C&D materials.

The forum presented two panels of experts:

  1. Local governments’ experiences with creating and/or using infrastructure to divert C&D waste.
  2. Industry and local government perspectives on issues related to creating markets for C&D materials and reusing C&D materials on site.


Panel 1: Creating Infrastructure–Learning from the Experts

  • Infrastructure used by the Navy for C&D debris from Navy projects and end uses for diverted materials (YouTube, 00:18:26): Charles Ketcham, Commander, Navy Region Southwest, San Diego Navy Base.
  • Building a mixed C&D waste facility and developing infrastructure to handle disaster waste from fires (YouTube, 00:24:23): Dr. Wayne T. Williams, San Diego County.
  • Overview of San Jose’s C&D certified recycling program and information from the C&D Diversion Council regarding the certification process for recycling facilities (YouTube, 00:19:59): Stephen Bantillo, Commercial Program Manager, City of San Jose and C&D Diversion Council.
  • Overview of the City of Redlands C&D diversion program (YouTube, 00:09:51): Gary Van Dorst, Solid Waste Manager, City of Redlands.
  • Questions and Answers (YouTube, 13:54): Creating Infrastructure–Learning from the Experts.

Panel 2: Closing the Loop on C&D Materials–and Overview of Expansion Opportunities

  • Recycling and Market Development Zone resources for C&D diversion (YouTube, 00:07:36): Raffy Kouyoumdjian, CIWMB.
  • The Great Park: Large-scale C&D reuse on site (YouTube, 00:09:35): Glen Worthington, City of Irvine.
  • Specifications and C&D reuse examples (YouTube, 00:07:25): Jack Ezekiel, Senior Transportation Engineer, Caltrans .
  • Markets for materials processed at a C&D processing facility (Video, 18:10): Adam Barrows, Two Rivers Demolition.
  • Questions and Answers (YouTube, 00:10:08): Closing the Loop on C&D Materials and Overview of Expansion Opportunities YouTube, 10:08).