Reporting Requirements and Forms for Facilities

Quarterly Requirements

The following reports are required to be submitted for every reporting quarter. Facilities are required to report to the county or agency in which they operate. A detailed list of due dates is provided by DRS staff, for stations (Title 14, California Code of Regulations, Section 18809.9), landfills, and transformation facilities to submit their data to the waste destination facility or the county that received their waste.

Landfills and Transformation Facilities

Disposal Reports

Disposal reports detail each jurisdiction’s disposal tonnage (including waste from out of state) at each landfill and transformation facility in the reporting county as well as each jurisdiction’s disposal tonnage at any landfills outside California (exports). CalRecycle provides an Excel form to help meet this requirement.

Facility Summary Reports (FSRs)

Facility summary reports are required for each landfill accepting waste in the reporting county. FSRs report total tonnages for a landfill over the reporting quarter. The totals reported in the FSR should match those reported in the disposal report.


Quarterly Station Notifications

Annual Requirements

Every year all permitted and active facilities (landfills, stations, and transformation facilities) must complete an annual facility methods report. These annual methods reports provide details about each specific facility’s operations to CalRecycle. The forms are provided below to assist counties and facilities in meeting these requirements. These forms are due annually to a facility’s county on March 15. The county is then required to submit all reports to CalRecycle by April 15.

Station Annual Methods Report

Landfill Annual Methods Report

Transformation Facility Annual Methods Report

Submitting Reports to CalRecycle

These reports should be sent to your county report preparer.

Questions? Contact the Disposal Report Coordinator.

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