This page informs interested parties about the overall statewide diversion rate calculation for 2000. This information was first released at the Board's January 24, 2001 meeting.

Recycling, waste prevention, and composting efforts by California cities and counties are paying off! The CIWMB estimates that diversion programs prevented 28 million tons of material from being disposed in landfills during the year 2000, up 9.5 million tons (51 percent) over 1998 levels. Since 1990, Californians have diverted 167.5 million tons of waste from disposal.

The Waste Board estimates the 2000 statewide diversion rate at 42 percent. In 1999, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reported a national waste diversion rate of 28 percent. California’s 1999 statewide diversion rate was 37 percent. The estimated California solid waste tonnages and diversion rates for the period 1989-2000 are available in table and full-color graph formats.

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