Electronic Annual Report (EAR)

CalRecycle’s Electronic Annual Report (EAR) helps jurisdictions reduce the time and effort needed to complete their legally required annual self-evaluation of solid waste diversion performance. The CalRecycle-designed annual reporting system has been used by nearly all California cities, counties and approved regional agencies beginning with the 2000 report year.

For the 2007 report year and beyond, the report reflects the changes made to the goal measurement system as a result of the passage of Senate Bill 1016 (Wiggins, Chapter 343, Statutes of 2008). The changes mostly involved developing a new calculation to determine per capita disposal. Additionally, the electronic report has been incorporated into the Local Government Information Center (LoGIC) application.

Jurisdiction contacts use their unique WebPass to sign in. The EAR user’s guide listed under “EAR Help Documents” shows you what the report looks like and how it works. Select “Enter the EAR” to sign in.


CalRecycle staff developed this tool with local government users in mind. It enables jurisdictions to fill out and submit their annual reports from the convenience of their Internet-connected personal or workplace computer.

    • Private and secure. A unique WebPass, assigned to each city, county, or regional agency contact, ensures each jurisdiction only sees its annual report. All information sent over the Internet is protected using powerful encryption technology. The public will only be able to view portions of the final versions of these reports.
    • Available 24/7. You can save your disposal rate calculation, discussions about implementation of your local planning documents, updated program information–all elements of the annual report–and come back to finish them later. You can print out your report at any time. If your managers or government leaders want you to make their edits, no problem. Just sign back in and make all the necessary changes. The system is open for business around the clock.
    • Simple, yet smart. With the system as your guide, you see only those portions of the report you need. Based on your answers to specific questions, the system informs you about additional reporting requirements.
    • Integrated. The electronic annual report draws program data from CalRecycle’s Diversion Programs database and disposal data from CalRecycle’s electronic Disposal Reporting System database. Users can update their Diversion Program listings for the current report year, add to the notes, and assist CalRecycle staff in correcting erroneous information for prior years.
    • Compatible. The user is not required to buy special software. All you need is a personal computer, an Internet connection, and an up-to-date browser, such as Chrome, Edge, or Internet Explorer.
    • Saves paper. The new system reduces the need to collate and attach multiple pieces of paper. Jurisdictions won’t need to submit hard copies of their Diversion Programs reports.
    • Confirms report submission instantly. When you are ready to submit your annual report to CalRecycle, the electronic annual report checks your data for completeness and compiles an easily printable summary of what you have entered. If there is missing information, it offers a link back to the specific questions you need to answer. After you file the report, it sends an e-mail confirming your successful filing.
    • Streamlines the review process. The electronic annual reporting system assists CalRecycle in tracking annual report submissions and in monitoring its review in a timely fashion, as required by law.

If you have questions, or still need to submit an annual report for a previous reporting year, contact your Local Assistance and Market Development staff representative.

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For more information contact: Local Assistance & Market Development, LAMD@calrecycle.ca.gov or (916) 341-6199.