History of California Solid Waste Law, 1950-1969

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Statutes of 1969

SB 206 (Grunsky)–Compensation for Board of Directors of Garbage and Refuse Disposal Districts–Authorized members of a board of directors of a garbage and refuse disposal district, other than members who are full time public employees, to receive not more than $25 compensation, not including meal and travel expenses, for each day of actual attendance at any meetings of the board, not to exceed $75 in any month. Authorized the chairman and secretary of the district board of directors to receive $50 per month in lieu of any other compensation. Terminated upon adjournment of the 1971 Regular Session of the Legislature. (Chapter 69)

Statutes of 1967

SB 908 (Grunsky)–Expenses for Board of Directors of Garbage and Refuse and Disposal Districts–Authorized members of a garbage and refuse disposal district board of directors to be allowed meal and actual necessary travel expenses incurred in the performance of official business of the district, as approved by the district board. (Chapter 749)

Statutes of 1965

AB 592 (Knox, Song, Brown, Alquist, Warren and Unruh)–District Reorganization Act of 1965–Revised procedures related to the initiation, conduct, and completion of annexation, detachments, dissolutions, and consolidations of districts, as a new division in the Government Code. Repealed conflicting provisions, including those pertaining to garbage and refuse disposal districts in the Health and Safety Code. (Chapter 2043)

Statutes of 1963

SB 43 (Cobey)–Maintenance of the Codes–Technical amendments. (Chapter 1715)

Statutes of 1961

SB 708 (Dolwig)–Board of Directors for Garbage and Refuse Disposal Districts–Provided for four year terms of office for members of the board of directors for a garbage and refuse disposal district. Required current members to classify themselves by lot such that a majority shall serve until 1/1/63, and a minority shall serve until 1/1/64. Authorized a district to include in its annual estimate of expenses an unappropriated reserve fund. Made a technical amendment to the procedure for levying the garbage and refuse disposal district tax. (Chapter 929)

Statutes of 1959

AB 409 (Bradley)–Claims for Money or Damages–Provided that all claims for money or damages against a garbage or refuse disposal district are governed by specified provisions of the Government Code. (Chapter 1727)

AB 675 (Wilson)–Contracts for Garbage and Refuse Disposal–Authorized a board of supervisors to enter into contracts for the disposal of garbage and refuse, without advertising for bids, for not more than six months in the event of an emergency due to default of a contractor or other circumstance which would be detrimental to the public health, safety, or welfare of the inhabitants of the district. (Chapter 503)

AB 788 (Biddick)–Maintenance of the Codes–Technical amendments. (Chapter 598)

AB 1356 (Bradley)–Garbage and Refuse Disposal Districts–Authorized the formation of districts for the exclusive purpose of providing, maintaining, and operating a garbage and refuse disposal site, until 10/1/61. Authorized a district to issue bonds and levy taxes. Effective 9/15/61. (Chapter 445)

Statutes of 1957

AB 501 (Brown)–Maintenance of the Codes–Technical amendments. (Chapter 357)

AB 1175 (Allen)–Technical Amendments–Enacted technical amendments related to garbage disposal districts. (Chapter 46)

AB 3281 (Bonelli)–Garbage and Refuse Disposal Districts–Revised provisions regarding the annexation of territory to an existing garbage and refuse disposal district, and withdrawal of territory from a district. Urgency measure. (Chapter 1407)

AB 3996 (Doyle)–Garbage and Refuse Dumps–Prohibited a city, county, district, or public or municipal corporation from acquiring and operating a dump or site for the disposal of garbage or refuse, or transfer station or collection point for garbage or refuse within a city without the consent of the city council, or within the unincorporated area of a county without the consent of the board of supervisors. (Chapter 2423)

Statutes of 1955

AB 2391 (Burke)–Garbage Disposal Districts–Authorized a board of supervisors to consolidate two or more garbage disposal districts in a county, and provided for a hearing procedure for approval of the consolidation. (Chapter 1470)

AB 3797 (Marsh)–Contracts for Garbage and Refuse Disposal–Authorized the award of a contract for the collection, disposal or destruction of garbage and refuse to the best bidder, rather than to the lowest bidder, in order to preclude unnecessary incineration of rubbish which is a detriment to air quality. Provided, in the Government Code, that any county with a population in excess of 3 million may collect or contract for the collection of garbage, waste, refuse, rubbish, offal, trimmings or other refuse matter, and may levy an annual tax within the unincorporated area of the county, except for territory within an existing garbage district. Urgency measure. (Chapter 928)

Statutes of 1953

AB 864 (Porter)–Contracts for Garbage and Refuse Disposal–Revised provisions related to contracts for the disposal of garbage and refuse, and required the advertisement for a new or renewed garbage and refuse disposal contract in a newspaper at least ten consecutive times, or by posting in three public places for at least two weeks.

Provided that all bidders must be allowed to ascertain the details of the work to be provided under the contract. Required the contract to be let to the lowest responsible bidder. Authorized the rejection of all bids if none is satisfactory, and authorized the re-advertisement or the entering into of a contract not to exceed six months as necessary. (Chapter 689)

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