Information Exchange

The Household Hazardous Waste Information Exchanges (HHWIE) started in 1986 to bring together the local programs that were facing challenges in household waste management.

The HHWIE is a forum of Household Hazardous Waste professionals that share program ideas and exchange information among the industry. In general, products like oil, paint, pesticides, household cleaners, building materials and other special wastes found around a home are required to be disposed of or recycled properly to protect the public health and environment. To gather more jurisdictions together a series of regular meetings take place every few months in northern and southern California, rotating locations hosted by different jurisdictions.

In addition, the Used Oil/Household Hazardous Waste Training & Conference is held every other year to present applicable training and conference sessions on topics of statewide impact. Through the years, the group has had major impact on legislation, regulations, program funding and State policy.

If you are new to the field of HHW or used oil recycling, the HHWIE is an excellent opportunity to meet with others in your field, to learn from their mistakes, and avoid reinventing the wheel. Public education materials, premiums, and evaluation materials are available along with endless other program resources.

There is Google Group that provides contact information and provides an archive of information. Membership is not formal and anyone that works in household hazardous waste can request to join this group and access the information. Traditionally, the group has been through local government referrals and is not maintained by CalRecycle. Join this group.


The next hybrid HHWIE is scheduled for September 7, 2023 in Culver City.

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Past Events

August 31, 2021 Virtual HHWIE Recording

September 30, 2020 Virtual HHWIE Recording

For more information contact: Used Oil & Household Hazardous Waste,