Minimum Requirements: Publicity, Education, and Outreach

Recipients are required to acknowledge CalRecycle’s support when activities or projects funded, in whole or in part, are publicized in any news media, brochures, articles, seminars, or other type of promotional material. Public education and outreach materials must provide:

  • The acknowledgement of CalRecycle’s support must incorporate the CalRecycle logo. The text “ Funded by” or “Funded in part by” may be used in conjunction with the CalRecycle logo, where appropriate. Initials or abbreviations for CalRecycle shall not be used. Use the color logo on any material produced in four or more colors.
  • The “Used Oil Drop” logo with the words “Recycle Used Oil” or “Recycle Used Oil and Used Oil Filters” as appropriate. Use the state colors (blue oil drop on yellow Used Oil Payment Program, OPP10 (FY 2019–20) 15 background) for logos on any material produced in four or more colors. (The color designation for professional printing is Yale Blue-Pantone 286C; Golden Yellow-Pantone 123C.) The logo is also available in Spanish and Chinese.
  • A list of used oil collection centers within the targeted community or a local telephone number or website to obtain further information on local collection centers. (Use the 1-800-CLEANUP number or Earth911 website if your jurisdiction does not maintain its own 24-hour hotline.)

Any use of CalRecycle’s logos should respect the original logo proportions and colors so as not to compromise image quality. The Program Advisor may approve a deviation from the prescribed language on a caseby-case basis.


Graphics are available on our Used Oil and Household Hazardous Waste Graphics webpage. A CalRecycle sticker (bumper sticker size) that displays the statement “Funded by CalRecycle” is required to be affixed to all large pieces of equipment purchased with OPP funds. Contact your Program Advisor for CalRecycle and oil program related graphics.

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