Adeline Street Urban Salvage Project

Location: 2808 Adeline St. #4
Type of building: Multifamily Residential, Mixed Use, Infill/Redevelopment, Commercial/Office
Size (Sq. ft.): 5,000
Renovation and new construction
Date completed: 5/1/00
Owner: 4 unit building-2 owned by Architect/Builder and 2 individually owned
Designed by: Leger Wanaselja Architecture

Sustainable Building Strategies: 

2808 Adeline Street in Berkeley was a 2 1/2-story, two-unit Victorian and an adjacent one-story retail building that was renovated in an ecologically sensitive manner. The completed work, a mixed-use property with two ground-level commercial units and two residential units above, maintains and enhances the character of the original house by using salvaged material and dramatically restructuring some of the spaces. For example, the existing floor of the residential building was lifted an entire story to add a second commercial unit at the ground floor.

Incorporating an ecological design and construction process and a commitment to recycling and reuse figured prominently in the renovation of 2808 Adeline Street. The project maintained high standards for energy-efficient design, sustainable materials, and “internal” recycling by reusing, in new locations, the doors, windows, trim, and siding that were carefully removed and stored during demolition. Salvaged materials can be found throughout the entire project: the kitchen counters and tables are slabs of wood retrieved from storm-downed trees; the pendant lights are custom made from French vinegar bottles; and a variety of automobile components-from rear-view mirrors to hatchbacks-are used for benches, shelves, railings, and awnings.

Lessons learned: Ecological architecture on this scale often aspires to “fit in” or “look like the neighbors.” The result is often shabby or uninspiring. This project is successful in demonstrating that ecological design can include a very modern, forward-looking sensibility, even in the context of the renovation of a 100-year old structure.

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