Shorebird Nature Center

Location: 1 Cyclotron Road, 85B, Berkeley, CA
Type of building: Educational Facility
Size (Sq. ft.): 860 sq ft of interior space with an additional 450 sq ft of covered outdoor patio class room space
New construction project
Estimated date of completion:
 Fall 2001
Cost: $150,000
Owner: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories
Designed By:
 Greg Van echelen

The Shorebird Nature Center is a City of Berkeley-owned portable building that is used for environmental education. A new adjoining facility is being constructed as a green or resource efficient building to provide an office, a Visitor’s Center and additional teaching space. The new center will be a 650 sq. ft. building with an attached 450 sq. ft. outdoor classroom. The center will be constructed with grants from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Department of Energy, West Berkeley Foundation, City of Palo Alto, The Strong Foundation, Builder’s Booksource, and individual contributions. In addition, the California Integrated Waste Management Board and the Alameda County Waste Management and Recycling Board are providing major funding for the project.

The visitor’s center will be the only City-owned, run, and maintained, publicly accessible, green building demonstration project of its kind in the Bay Area. It will be open six days a week to provide interpretive brochures, presentations, open houses, and workshops. This facility expands existing educational programs and helps demonstrate to all ages of the public and building professionals, how practical, affordable, and environmentally responsible green building construction can be.

Sustainable Building Strategies:

  • Straw bale exterior walls
  • Passive solar design
  • Building integrated photovoltaics
  • Hot water solar panels for radiant heating system
  • Natural linoleum floors
  • Interior walls made from compressed straw panels
  • Recycled and sustainably harvested wood framing
  • Cabinetry from wheat straw particleboard
  • Countertops made from recycled glass (Counter/ Production)

Information Contact: Patty Donald, (510) 644-8623
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