A jurisdiction can designate responsibilities through:
  • Contracts with haulers or other private entities, or
  • Agreements with other jurisdictions, entities, regional agencies (as defined in Public Resource Code section 40181), or other government agencies, including environmental health departments.
https://calrecycle.ca.gov/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=tribe_events For example, a jurisdiction may enter into an agreement with a hauler to perform route reviews for container contamination or an agreement with the environmental health department to inspect edible food generators. A jurisdiction cannot delegate:
  • The authority to issue a waiver to a private entity [see Article 3Section 18984.11(c)] or
  • The authority to impose civil penalties, or to maintain an action to impose civil penalties, to a private entity.
If a jurisdiction delegates responsibilities to a public or private entity, except responsibilities delegated to a Joint Powers Authority, it is still ultimately responsible for compliance with the requirements.