Carpet and Carpet Pad Recycling Facilities

Important, Please Read. Material acceptance: (1) is subject to market conditions such as material type, quantity, condition, etc.; (2) may be limited to existing customers or require a contract; and (3) may require payment. Carpet recycling facilities may either collect material, process material or collect and process material into other usable product components. People looking for a place to take carpet for recycling should seek facilities that collect carpet. See below for more information on preparing carpet for recycling.

Call the facility before attempting delivery!

The following links to facilities may include some overlap, but are provided because the information that each contains varies.

CARE map of collection/processing facilities in California.

     This map has carpet collection information for California. Enter a zip code, specify miles from that zip code, and identify the type of services needed. The map will provide a list of facilities. These facilities are certified by the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE).

  • Earth911. Search for recyclers based upon material type and location including carpet and pad.

Learn how to prepare material for collection. Also, check that materials comply with handling and storage best management practices.

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