Guidance on Form 74 for Vendors

The following information provides guidance on completing CalRecycle Form 74: (Word | Fillable PDF).

Tip 1: Check to see if your product falls in one of the 16 State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC) categories. The product categories and examples are on the back side of the Form 74. You can also reference the SABRC “Product Categories” webpage for more detailed information.

Tip 2: If your product falls under more than one category, your product is considered a composite product. Composite products can only be counted in one reportable category. To find out more about composite products, please refer to the SABRC “Composite Policy” in our online SABRC manual.

Example for Tip 2:

The trash can is made of plastic (product category 6a) and metal (product category 16), with both meeting the minimum percentage of post-consumer recycled content (PCRC) for each category; however, there is more metal (by weight) in the product.

The same product cannot be claimed in two different product categories.


Correct way to include items on form 74


Tip 3: If your product falls under one of the SABRC categories, but you do not know if it has PCRC, list the category and enter “unknown” for the percentage of PCRC.

Example for Tip 3:

The trash can is made of plastic (product category 6a), but the PCRC is unknown.

Correct way to input unknown percentage of Postconsumer recycled-content material (PCRC)

Tip 4: A product falls into a SABRC category but contains is less than the minimum percentage of PCRC for that category. In this case, the product is not SABRC-compliant. Please provide as much information as possible such as the product category and the percentage of PCRC, even if it is less than the minimum required for compliance.

Example for Tip 4:

The trash can is made of plastic (product category 6a) but the PCRC does not meet the minimum PCRC.

Correct way to input data to form 74 when PCRC is below minimum required for compliance.

Tip 5: If your product does not fall under any of the 16 SABRC product categories or sub-categories, it is not SABRC-reportable. If you are required to complete a Form 74 for this product, please enter “N/A” on the form for both the Percent Postconsumer Recycled Content Material Column and the SABRC Product Category Code.

Example for Tip 5:

The trash can is made of concrete, so it does not fall under any of the 16 SABRC product categories.