Immediate Actions to Increase RCP Purchases

Several actions you can take immediately to increase recycled-content product (RCP) procurements are listed below.

  1. Ask your contractor and Department of General Services (DGS) representatives whether the products you are currently buying are RCPs. You may be purchasing RCPs and be unaware of it. Increase your use of the Postconsumer-Content Certification form (CalRecycle form 74: Word | Fillable PDF ) so that you can take credit for the RCPs you are purchasing.
  2. If the products you are currently buying are not RCPs, replace them with RCPs. Many RCPs compare favorably to non-RCPs with respect to price, quality, and availability. Switching from a non-RCP to an RCP, even when you are already in compliance, is preferable. In fact, such initiative provides security against a shortfall (a common problem) in RCP purchases and alerts DGS to RCP demands.
  3. Request RCPs on all intraoffice requisitions, purchase orders, release orders, purchase estimates, Cal Card purchases, and any other purchasing documents.
  4. Specify RCPs by using boilerplate language in contracts and grants. RCPs purchased or used to fulfill the terms of a contract or grant should be counted toward attainment of the goals.
  5. Identify large quantity or large dollar amount purchases of RCPs that you can make early in the fiscal year. This will allow you to attain the goals in the least number of transactions possible and as early in the fiscal year as possible.
  6. Establish “set-asides” and “recycled-only” contracts to ensure contractors provide RCPs.
  7. Review, revise, and establish new procurement and purchasing specifications in order to maximize RCP procurements.
  8. Establish a work group or task force of interested staff members in your department to help promote State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC) activities. This group should include all staff involved in the ordering and procurement processes.
  9. Pursue the adoption of a department policy encouraging all staff to be responsible for attaining the SABRC mandates and procurement goals.
  10. Conduct outreach and educational efforts to ensure all staff is aware of the mandates and actively participate in the “buy recycled” efforts throughout your agency. Ask your SABRC staff contact to come out and conduct your initial training or refresher training to educate new personnel at your organization.
  11. Incorporate sustainable building practices into construction projects. Visit the CalRecycle’s Green Building website for more information.

RCPs that generally cost less than or the same as non-RCPs include the following:

  • Xerographic/copier paper
  • Paper towels and tissue
  • Corrugated boxes and packaging
  • Envelopes and mailers
  • Corrugated file boxes
  • Plastic trash cans/liners
  • Latex paint
  • Re-refined automotive lubricants
  • Compost/mulch
  • Retreaded truck tires
  • Writing tablets
  • Continuous feed computer paper
  • Laser toner cartridges
  • Reformatted computer disks

Other great RCPs can be found by accessing our Recycled-Content Product Manufacturers database showcases innovative recycled-content products made by California manufacturers who use recycled waste as a feedstock. Many products are noted to be as SABRC compliant, but be sure to check the specifications for all products as there may be others that are also compliant. Also, our Buy Recycled Resources features other search tools to find Recycled Content Products.

For more information contact: State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign,