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  • Back-to-School Tools from CalRecycle


    School is out for summer, but not for much longer. In just a few short weeks, many of California’s 6.2 million students will head back to class equipped with notebooks, pencils, flash drives, and dozens more items on the average school supplies list. When you factor in other necessities to keep the state’s nearly 10,000 schools running smoothly—including 180 days of lunch service for those 6.2 million students—you can start to grasp the tremendous challenge of managing the districts’ discards.

    According to the latest Commercial Waste Characterization Study, California schools dispose of roughly 562,442 tons of waste each year. CalRecycle is working to help decrease those disposal numbers with free back-to-school tools that students, parents, and districts can use to save money and protect our natural resources.

    Tools for Schools

    Tools for Parents and Students

    These back-to-school tips can also help schools support California’s groundbreaking efforts to reduce our reliance on landfills, cut our greenhouse gas emissions, and achieve the highest and best use of all materials in California.


    Posted on In the Loop by Lance Klug on Jul 31, 2017

  • Save or Splurge on Holiday Experience Gifts: Create Memories, Not Trash

    It’s that time of year again: time to find the perfect gift to for your loved one. But, what do you give the person who has everything, and how do you leave an impression longer than the life of the batteries on that expensive gadget? Don’t worry! With a quick Google search, we’ve put together your guide to the perfect, less-waste, memory-making, mind-blowing experience gifts, for both the saver and the spender. 

    You gotta eat sometime, right? For those foodies in your life, a tour of all the hottest restaurants in town would definitely leave a good taste in their mouths. If you’re intending to splurge on your foodie friend or family member, a city food tour can run about $65, but a gift card to their favorite restaurant can cost just about $25, saving $40 if your wallet is as empty as your fridge was in college.


    How about the wildlife enthusiast? Paddle out on a tandem kayak and wave hello to some humpbacks during a private whale-watching session for about $130. Or, if you’re not into spending more than you need just for the halibut, purchase aquarium tickets and expect to pay $60 to $100.


    Navigating a new (or even your own) city can be daunting unless you take a Segway tour with your friend, family member, or significant other. A two-person tour can cost about $240, but a bike tour can cost just $40.


    For serenity seekers, consider splurging on a spa day for about $385—your loved one may need a relaxing day when they find out you spent nearly $400! If spending more than $100 gives you a pain in the neck, spend your dollars on a 60-minute massage for $55 instead. 


    Music lovers can turn up the beat with private DJ lessons for $215. Or, you could test your giftee’s vocal range with a gift card to a local karaoke room for $50. It’ll be music to their ears! 


    There’s snow better way to celebrate the holidays than spending a day on fluffy white powder! The adventurer in your family might appreciate that lift pass for skiing, but if you’re running low on cold, hard cash, ice skating in town will run you about $12 instead of $96 for a day pass up the mountain. 



    Posted on In the Loop by TC Clark on Dec 8, 2016

  • Quick Tips to Cut Food Waste

    Do your part at home to reduce food waste! Here are some tips from Consumer Reports



    Posted on In the Loop by CalRecycle Staff on Aug 22, 2016