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  • Big Ideas for Little People

    It’s not a coincidence that CalRecycle celebrates Earth Day and Take Your Children to Work Day on the same day. We know it’s the little people who will be bringing the lessons home. Kids, here are some tips to share with your parents. Thank you!

    A Clean California Starts With Children!
    Posted on In the Loop by Heather Jones on Apr 22, 2019

  • Here's What Fido Wants You to Know

    We love our planet, but we also love our pets, and things can get a little tricky at the pet supply store—the shelves are full of plastic toys and gadgets, not to mention the low-quality pet clothes that could quickly end up in the landfill. Here are a few tips to steer you toward a more sustainable lifestyle for you and your furry housemates. For more suggestions, see our blog on how to reduce your pet’s carbon paw-print, and check out our pattern for pet PJs you can make from scrap fabric.  

    A Clean California Starts With Pet Parents!
    Posted on In the Loop by Heather Jones on Apr 19, 2019

  • Happy Earth Day, Working Stiffs

    Some of us have great jobs—we get paid to protect the environment! Some of us might also have other types of great jobs, or not, but we wonder what we can do for Mother Earth while we’re working for the man.

    As part of CalRecycle’s Earth Day celebration, we’re offering the following tips for employees, including ordering a Recycling Starter Kit and reducing waste at work events. And when the weekend comes, be sure to participate in an Earth Day event near you.

    A Clean California Starts With Employees!
    Posted on In the Loop by Heather Jones on Apr 17, 2019