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  • Sacramento Launches New Recycling App

    Sacramento Recylcing App

    Do you walk around your house and wonder if a certain item in your kitchen or your bathroom is recyclable or not? Well, the City of Sacramento is trying to make the decision-making process a whole lot easier. On Earth Day, the city officially launched the SacRecycle app, designed to provide quick access to recycling tips.

    A main component of the app is the Waste Wizard, which is a database of hundreds of household items. You can use the app to see if an item is recyclable and learn about proper disposal methods.

    The SacRecycle app also features garbage, recycling, street sweeping, and yard waste calendars, along with an interactive waste-sorting game for kids.

    The app works on both Apple and Android devices. Sacramento residents, check it out and share it with your family and friends!  

    Here’s a video with more information about the SacRecycle app.  

    Posted on In the Loop by Syd Fong on Aug 26, 2019

  • Santa Barbara County Uses CalRecycle Grant Funds to Rebuild Roadway with Recycled Tires


    Santa Barbara County builds retaining wall with recycled tires

    How do you repurpose 81,000 recycled tires? Well, use them to create a new retaining wall, of course. 

    That’s what happened with a recent road stabilization project in Santa Barbara County.  This unique application utilized 810 tons of tire-derived aggregate to backfill a retaining wall composed of large, rock-filled, welded wire baskets called gabions. 

    In March 2018, CalRecycle awarded the county $158,241 in Tire-Derived Aggregate Grant Program funds to purchase the TDA material. 

    Prior to the project, failed soil in the embankment caused erosion to the old roadway and shoulder. The ongoing failure also created large cracks in the asphalt surface.

    But the new retaining wall is expected to have longer staying power due to the TDA material. UC San Diego researched the road repair technique and determined that TDA is seismically safe for retaining walls and for road repairs and will not degrade due to poor underlying soils or saturated conditions.

    For more information about this project, read our press release and watch our video, which includes some outstanding drone shots recorded by Santa Barbara County Public Works.  

    Santa Barbara TDA Roadway Repair Project YouTube

    Posted on In the Loop by Syd Fong on Aug 8, 2019

  • Reusables--It's Our Bag, Baby!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: At CalRecycle, we really do practice what we preach. From food waste bins in our break rooms to zero-waste social events and produce crop swaps, we’re no strangers to living sustainably at work and at home! So it should come as no surprise that our social committee, with the help of our zero waste team, recently hosted a reusable bag DIY during the lunch hour for everyone in our headquarters building, not just CalRecyclers. (Inclusivity is super-important, especially when it comes to saving the planet!)

    Participants were encouraged to bring an old T-shirt, scrap fabric, or a pillowcase to redesign into a reusable bag that can be taken to the weekly farmers market across the street from our headquarters building, or anywhere else. Those who weren’t able to bring their own supplies were able to choose from a selection of fabric scraps and extra T-shirts provided at the workshop. That’s a good thing, because about 95 percent of textiles like fabric and clothing that are landfilled could have easily been recycled or repurposed.

    This project is perfect for those who consider themselves “challenged” in the crafts department because it doesn’t require any sewing (unless you want to). In fact, it’s so simple we recommend trying it with the kiddos this summer—it’s a great way to get them involved in reducing, reusing, and recycling. 

    For no-sew DIY T-shirt bag instructions, check out this tutorial on our Pinterest page. And to see the workshop in action, check out this quick video

    Reusable Creations video
    Posted on In the Loop by TC Clark and Syd Fong on Jul 29, 2019