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  • State Environmental Awards Announced

    Here’s a video shout-out to individuals, organizations, and businesses in California that have led the way in protecting the environment while strengthening the state’s economy. Congratulations to the winners of the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Awards!


    Posted on In the Loop by CalRecycle Staff on Feb 16, 2017

  • Music to My Eco-Ears

    How My Concert-Going Experience Hit a High Note–and a Low Note–for the Environment

    Like a lot of people, I thought I was eco-friendly because I recycled and didn’t litter. But since I started working at CalRecycle I have found that being an environmentalist involves much more than that. Sharing the knowledge I’m gaining is a huge part of what I do here as a social media specialist. It starts with awareness.


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    A few months ago, we lost a legend. It was a purple rainy day and doves cried. I never got to see Prince perform live, and what a loss that was. So when Weezer, one of my favorite bands, announced a concert at Bonney Field in Sacramento, I jumped at the chance to go. And, thanks to my new job, I saw the whole experience through an environmental lens.


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    When the tickets went on sale, I bought a pair. I had to print them out, which was a waste of paper in my mind. But, parking was free so there weren’t any of those little ticket stubs to toss on my dashboard. As I walked up to the entrance gate, a security guard said, “You can’t take that bottle of water in there with you.” The heck I can’t, I thought, especially since before I headed to the concert, I saw on the festival map that there was a free water bottle refill station. So, I rebelled for once in my life because I thought A) I’m not leaving my favorite reusable water bottle with some stranger and B) I’m not paying for a plastic water bottle once I get in and C) I’m not pouring out perfectly drinkable water during a drought. While the guards were checking my purse, I held my water bottle under my arm and distracted them with some mindless chatter. OK, OK, it’s not like I’m a master of deception, but I was pretty proud of myself for sneaking my bottle in. 


    I made a beeline for the pizza tent and after scarfing down my food, I realized it would have been more beneficial financially and environmentally if I had eaten at home. Those pizza boxes are not recyclable with all the grease and deliciously cheesy goodness stuck to the cardboard, although they are compostable. There were recycling bins here and there, but sadly, I didn’t see any compost bins, so I imagine all the food waste and compostables went straight to the trash. 


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    After finishing my pizza, I was in search of the free water station to refill my bottle. Lots of people had the same idea because there was a long line of people, most of whom had plastic bottles and one of whom had a CamelBak. Here’s where the venue gets half a point. Free water refills: cool. Having to purchase a plastic “single-use” water bottle to get a refill: not cool, and almost counterproductive, to be honest. Heading back to my seat, I didn’t notice any other eco-errors, but later I did see lots of plastic cups full of adult beverages (although some music lovers did have beer in recyclable aluminum cans).

    Overall, it was not the most sustainable eco-friendly venue, although I probably would not have noticed before I became employed at CalRecycle.

    In any case, the concert was a great experience (experience over stuff, right?). And you’ve got to love a band that starts its set list with “California Kids,” which totally spoke to this native California girl and longtime Weezer fan. Oh and just for fun, here’s a playlist of some enviro-Weezer songs. I mean, with a lead singer whose name is “Rivers,” you’ve got to have at least a few songs that mention nature. Enjoy! 


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    –TC Clark

    Posted on In the Loop by TC Clark on Oct 10, 2016

  • Walking the Walk for the Environment


    Janet E. Gardner, left, and Ossama “Sam” Abu-Shaban, right

    Here at CalRecycle, we like to honor the folks at home who separate their garbage from their recyclables, and the folks in the trucks and at the recycling facilities and at the landfills who make sure materials end up in the safest, most productive place at the end of their useful life. 

    Today, we’d also like to honor two people who help local agencies carry out the work of CalRecycle, since we can’t be everywhere at once to make sure we’re fulfilling our mission of protecting human health and the environment. Without people working with local enforcement agencies (LEAs), we couldn’t ensure proper facility permitting, site inspections, and enforcement of waste management laws in every little corner of the state.

    This year, Ossama “Sam” Abu-Shaban of Orange County and Janet E. Gardner of Fresno County received CalRecycle’s Ralph Hunter Award, which was established 12 years ago in memory of Napa County Environmental Health Director Ralph Hunter. Generally there is only one recipient, but we just couldn’t go without recognizing both of these environmental heroes!

    In Orange County, civil engineer Abu-Shaban has long been involved in landfill gas monitoring and control projects to protect communities that have been developed on or near closed landfills. Thanks to him, buildings including condominiums and a structure with office space and a daycare center have had continuous gas monitoring systems installed to ensure people’s safety.

    Gardner, an environmental health specialist, has long been involved in her Fresno County community, educating schoolchildren about environmental issues and leading cleanup projects such as the removal of illegally dumped waste tires from the San Joaquin River. She also trains new state and local inspectors through CalEPA’s Basic Inspector Academy.

    Thank you, Sam and Janet, for everything you do for Californians and our environment!

    Posted on In the Loop by CalRecycle Staff on Sep 22, 2016