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  • A Simple and Green Thanksgiving

    The holidays are a time for celebration of friends, family, and for what we hold near and dear to our hearts. With a little planning, you can make your gatherings a little kinder to our planet.

    Ditch the Plastic Utensils

    Many families host a day of feasting that includes munchies and appetizers before the grand finale meal. Let’s be honest—it’s often a full day of cooking with several loads of dishes. While it may be tempting to use plastic utensils to lighten the chore of washing between meals, remember all those plastic forks add up quickly during the holidays.  Consider serving snacks that don’t require cutlery. Try wrapping prosciutto around bread sticks or serve mini-quiches that don’t require forks and knives. Crostini is a great option because you can vary the toppings between sweet and savory and choose local, seasonal toppings that are tasty and economical. 


     (Left: Party Perfect. Right: Pinterest)

    Use Cloth Napkins

    Cloth napkins add a flair of elegance to entertaining that leaves a memorable impression on guests. Cloth napkins are available in fine stores like Williams Sonoma or Sur la Table, but you can also find them in discount stores like TJ Maxx or Ross. If you’re crafty, you can make cloth napkins easily. Ann Drake of On Sutton Place blog offers a great tutorial for no-sew linen napkins


    (Left: Sur la Table Right: Ann Drake On Sutton Place)

    Mason Jar Vases & Glasses

    Mason jars come in several sizes and make versatile drinking glasses and flower containers. Try a narrow table runner of mason jars filled with freshly cut flowers as a simple centerpiece for your holiday feast. For drinking glasses, add a nametag to each jar to encourage guests to use the same glass throughout the day. If you are hosting familiar faces, consider crafting permanent name tags for guests to use every time they visit. Between parties, mason jars can be stored in a box away from your daily drinkware so your kitchen cupboards don’t feel cramped. 


    (Left: Pinterest Right: Pinterest)

    Ask Family Members to Bring Their Own Reusable Containers to Take Home Leftovers

    If you’re hosting Thanksgiving and plan to cook enough for everyone to have a meal or two after the big day, ask your guests to bring their own containers to take leftovers home. Most of us have a cupboard full of reusable containers and don’t need a host to supply containers along with leftovers.

    It’s easy to entertain in style and be gentle on our environment. Every step toward an eco-friendly holiday season makes a difference to our world.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Posted on In the Loop by Christina Files on Nov 24, 2016