Recycling Starter Kit

With the help of the Recycling Starter Kit Program bins, Californians cut litter and trash pollution by collecting and recycling over 426 billion bottles and cans. Way to go!

Now, as the state moves to further reduce its plastic and trash footprint, CalRecycle is encouraging Californians to use more environmentally friendly bin options to collect their empty beverage containers for recycling.

Here are some resources to help you transition away from a disposable plastic/paper hybrid collection bin for your bottles and cans by:

    • Reusing containers you already have, or
    • Finding a more durable container to reuse again and again.

Alternative Container Options

If you can’t find used cardboard boxes or second-hand containers to collect your bottles and cans, check out these links for alternative collection container options.

Recycling Containers Vendor List

Free Printable Labels and Stickers

Give old containers new life as recycling collection bins! Just add these printable labels or stickers to let others know which type of material belongs inside your bin.

Education/Outreach Toolkit: Customizable Outreach Materials

Recycling Resources for Schools

Educate future generations by making recycling part of your school.

Education and School Waste Reduction Programs

For more information, visit Beverage Container Recycling Home