The following resources are important to curbside programs:

Supplemental Payments

The Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) allocates a total of $15 million for annual payments to registered curbside operators and neighborhood dropoff programs. The payment is based on the volume of beverage containers collected from January 1-December 31.

Tips to maximize your curbside supplemental payment:

  • Only registered programs will receive the curbside supplemental payment...apply for registration today!
  • Make sure that your processor reports the beverage container volume that your program collected under your registration/certification number.
  • Your program must accept all types of beverage containers.
  • Report only the material you collect from residences under your curbside number. Materials collected from commercial accounts are not eligible for the curbside supplemental payment. These materials should be reported under a dropoff or collection program certification number.
  • Keep accurate records (such as weight tickets, copies of shipping reports, etc.) of the material collected.

If you have questions about curbside supplemental payments, please contact the Market Information Section at (916) 323-5778.