Alternative Methodologies

The Alternative Methodology application process gives processors (PR) and/or recycling centers (RC) the ability to report material purchases to CalRecycle using an alternative method.

Processors and recyclers must submit a completed application to the Division for the specific methodology for which they are requesting approval. There are three alternative methodologies:

  • Glass Cleaning. An alternative methodology for claiming CRV on loads of glass with greater than 10% contamination [14 CCR, Section 2425 (h)].
  • Material Allocation. An alternative methodology used in lieu of completing a separate shipping report for each delivery of material purchased from multiple curbside programs (CS), dropoff or collection programs (CP), or community service programs (SP) [14 CCR, Section 2425 (g)].

CalRecycle shall consider each proposed alternative methodology application and issue a written approval or denial within forty-five (45) calendar days of receipt.

Alternative Method Applications

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