Waste Permitting, Compliance, and Mitigation Division

The Waste Permitting, Compliance, and Mitigation (WPCM) Division is responsible for the CalRecycle’s solid waste, waste tire, recycled content product and local government regulatory mandates and activities. This division ensures that:

  • Solid waste and waste tire processing and disposal site permits are processed and issued as required.
  • Waste tire haulers are registered as required.
  • Solid waste landfills maintain the appropriate level of financial assurances.
  • Solid waste disposal sites are properly closed and maintained.
  • Solid waste management and waste tire facilities and operations are inspected, and noncompliant facilities and operations are under enforcement actions, and penalized as appropriate.
  • Local governments not making a good faith effort to implement their unique waste diversion programs are evaluated and placed on compliance orders, and penalized as appropriate.
  • Minimum recycled content in products (rigid plastic packaging containers (RPPC), plastic trash bags, and newsprint), and producer responsibility programs (paint and carpet) are certified in compliance, or penalized as appropriate.
  • All hazards created by the illegal or inappropriate disposal of solid waste or tires are mitigated to protect the public health and safety.
  • Local enforcement agencies are properly trained, certified, designated, and evaluated, and if warranted, placed on work plans or decertified as appropriate.

The division includes three branches:

  • Engineering Support Branch
  • Permitting and Assistance Branch
  • Waste Evaluation & Enforcement Branch

The Engineering Support Branch reviews and approves solid waste and tire facility closure/postclosure maintenance plans to ensure state standards are effectively implemented. The branch provides engineering technical support to other department branches for solid waste, climate change, bioenergy, and illegal dumping issues and, in coordination with the CalEPA and the Office of Emergency Services, organizes and executes CalRecycle emergency response functions. It oversees CalRecycle’s cleanup and remediation programs to mitigate hazards created by closed, illegal and abandoned solid waste and tire disposal sites. Staff also provides assistance to local enforcement agencies (LEA) on investigations and enforcement at closed, abandoned, and illegal sites.

The Permitting and Assistance Branch reviews all solid waste permit applications submitted by the LEAs, and recommends CalRecycle concur or deny in the issuance of proposed permits per statutory and regulatory requirements. For those local governments where an LEA is not designated, and for waste tire facilities, the branch assumes responsibility for all aspects of the permitting process. Branch staff evaluates the adequacy of financial assurances for closures, post-closures, and operating liability for solid waste landfills. The branch also ensures that LEAs, tire enforcement agencies, and CalRecycle staff are properly trained, and manages the Division’s website.

The Waste Evaluation and Enforcement Branch oversees CalRecycle’s compliance and enforcement activities related to solid waste and waste tire facilities; tire haulers; minimum content in products; and producer responsibility programs. The branch conducts oversight inspections at landfills every 18 months to ensure state standards and permits are effectively implemented and takes enforcement action if the LEA fails to take appropriate enforcement action. For those local governments where a LEA is not designated, the branch assumes the role the enforcement agency. The branch also certifies and evaluates LEAs, works with Tire Enforcement Agencies, and evaluates local government implementation of their waste diversion programs.

For more information on programs managed by this division, see the following on our website: