Division of Recycling

The Recycling Program Enforcement Branch is responsible for conducting inspections, reviews and investigations of various program participants to ensure compliance with the recordkeeping, reporting and operational requirements in the law and regulations and to protect the Beverage Container Recycling Fund from improper or fraudulent program payments. To effectively do so, the branch performs a variety of functions including field inspections and investigations, probationary reviews, prepayment reviews, risk assessment, data analysis, forensic document analysis, authorizations to cancel quality control, accusation development and administrative and criminal case referrals. The branch also works closely with our interagency partners at the State Attorney General’s Office, Department of Justice, California Department of Food and Agriculture, and various local law enforcement agencies to monitor the importation of out-of-state beverage containers and to pursue criminal investigation and prosecution of individuals and entities who commit program related fraud and abuse.

The Recycling Program Certification Branch has five units that provide support to program participants: Certification, Training and Review, Participant Management, Registration, and Convenience Zones. The Certification Unit reviews applications and certifies businesses into the Beverage Container Recycling Program. The Training and Review Unit provides training and assistance related to the preparation and submission of shipping reports, processor invoices, handling fee reports, distributor reports, and beverage manufacturer reports. This unit also reviews certified recyclers to determine compliance with operations, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements. The Participant Management Unit manages all aspects of the importation and distribution of beverage containers into California and oversees beverage manufacturer and distributor accounts. The Registration Unit is responsible for registering companies as beverage manufacturers or distributors. This unit also does label review and determines if a beverage product is included in the program. The Convenience Zone Unit maintains the database that tracks dealers, supermarkets and convenience zones. This unit also determines handling fee eligibility, processes handling fee payments, evaluates convenience zone exemptions and performs spatial analysis using geographic information system (GIS).

The Recycling Program Operations Branch supports local sustainability and policy efforts through the collection, management and analysis of data, trend analysis, and forecasting. The branch serves as an information clearinghouse for data about California’s recycling and waste streams, develops tools to help jurisdictions and state agencies more efficiently and accurately measure recycling facts and figures and disposal rates, and investigates the waste stream to provide data to jurisdictions, stakeholders and other decision makers. The branch assists in the development and implementation of measures to quantify the success of CalRecycle’s recycling and reuse programs and uses an integrated database system approach for evaluating possibilities for business-related data integration. The branch also processes claims forms and payments to the recycling fund.

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