Networking with Other Local Jurisdictions

Local Government Contacts

CalRecycle maintains a database of local government recycling coordinator contacts.

Local Jurisdiction Resources

Many municipal and regional government sites provide more specific and detailed information about local resources such as material suppliers and recyclers:

  • City/County of Napa. Event signs, setup guidelines, and other special event resources.
  • City of San DiegoHow-to recycle at events brochure, permit applications and recycling plans. The Environmental Services Department sponsors “Recycle Nights” at professional sports events and collects recyclables at community centers.
  • San Francisco CountyA large website that has many useful resources.
  • San Mateo CountyModel recycling program timeline, planning tips, and events helpline hotline. Additional information includes:
    • Where to recycle database
    • Where to buy “Green” database
    • Model purchasing policy
    • Sustainable building policy
    • Construction and demolition recycling
    • Food donations sites list
    • Sample letter to vendors

To request your jurisdiction website be added to this list or to modify the information about your jurisdiction, please contact the person listed at the bottom of this page.