Checklist: Self Evaluation and Program Gap Identification

Checklist in print-friendly format

Summarize key program data using the checklist below to create a snapshot of your program. If you need more information or data sources, refer back to the self-evaluation questions.

To get a sense of where you stand, use the performance measures to compare your jurisdiction to others with similar demographics and local needs. Then identify program areas for improvement or new activities you would like to begin. Contact your CalRecycle grant manager for examples of successful projects that you can adapt from other jurisdictions.

ComponentDataNotes, Data Required
People per certified collection centerNumber of people/number of centers:
Goal: One center for every 13,500 people
Input: Population. Use Dept. of Finance population data.
Input: Collection centers (total). Use CIWMB current data.
If curbside, coverage?Percent of jurisdiction covered by curbside.
Goal: 75%-100%
HHW facility?Yes/No
Antifreeze, batteries, oil, and paint (ABOP)?Yes/No
Temporary/mobile eventsNumber per year.
(If no HHW Facility/ABOP, goal is approx. 2 per year)
Special collection needsMarina (Yes/No)
Airport (Yes/No)
Agricultural (Yes/No)
Stormwater program (Yes/No)
Other (fill in type)
Number of site visits to number of centersExample: 2 visits/4 centers total
Goal: 2 visits per center, per year
Used oil (DIYer) collected per person (or per DIY household)From Used Oil Block Grant Annual Reports.
Goal: State average or better--0.22 gallons/person or 3.36 gallons/DIY household
Used oil filters (DIYer) collected per person or per DIY householdFrom Used Oil Block Grant Annual Reports.
Goal: State average or better--0.03 filters/person or 0.46 filters/DIY household
Publicity and education outreach usedList main types used, evaluate if targeted to likely DIYers
Budget allocation (approximate dollars)List approximate dollars to be allocated towards the main categories listed below.
Goal: Balanced allocation towards important program elements.
$Oil and filter collection at permanent facilities (certified collection centers, HHW facilities, etc.)
$Oil and filter collection--residential
$Oil and filter collection--temporary events
$Publicity and education (P&E)
$Stormwater (P&E, equipment, personnel)

For more information contact: Certified Collection Center, or Household Hazardous Waste,