Resources: Tire-Derived Aggregate


Tire-derived aggregate (TDA) is made from shredded tires and is used for a wide range of public works projects and other civil engineering applications. The videos below discuss applications including slope stabilization, retaining wall backfill, lightweight embankment fill, vibration mitigation, and various landfill applications. For more information about applications of TDA, visit other pages on CalRecycle’s TDA website or read additional resources on this page.

If you require assistance accessing these videos, please call CalRecycle’s Office of Public Affairs at (916) 341-6300. PDF transcripts will open using the reader. All other transcripts are using Microsoft Indexer (From the top left menu choose “Timeline”, from top right menu choose “View”, and then “Accessibility” to see the transcript).

  • TDA: A Short IntroductionYouTube (00:04:29) | Transcript (2015)
  • TDA: A Cost-Saving and Sustainable Resource Material (overview of TDA civil engineering applications), YouTube (00:11:02) | Transcript (2015)
  • TDA: Environmental Testing and Earthquake SafetyYouTube (00:11:01) | Transcript (2016)
  • TDA: Low-Cost Vibration MitigationYouTube (00:05:46) | Transcript (2016)
  • TDA: Long-Term Road RepairYouTube (00:08:25) | Transcript (2016)